MonsterVault Customer Reviews


The product and Customer Service at MonsterVault are top notch. Steve Edmondson the owner of Hilltop Workshop, LLC and inventor of the Monster Vault is a stand up guy. I agree that this under bed vault is not a substitution for a large fireproof stand up safe, but if you don't have the space, and you want something that will keeps the kids and thieves out, this fits nicely. How many people have their $5000 safe in their bedroom? For that matter, how many people spend real money for a real safe? This Vault is for quick access in Home Defense situations, and therefore does not fit the same needs of an expensive safe. I have read forums where people mention that this is more expensive than what they bought at Home Depot. All I have to say about that, is that cheap safes sold at Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, Samsclub are CRAP! This safe can be bolted down, so no risk of theft of the entire safe, it keeps kids out, and it is at my fingertips should I need my AR, Multiple 30rd magazines, multiple hand guns, etc... This thing hold a lot of stuff, trust me. I love it, and it fits my needs 100%.


Very happy with Monster Vault Under Bed safe. At first price is hard to justify.. but quality and overall interior size was my deciding factors. Once safe arrived I relized I made a smart Purchase. Very happy with overall quality of safe.


There’s a lot of great things about this safe that can be attributed to its very clever design. Finally gun owners have a secure way to store their long guns without investing in a 1,000 pound stand up gun cabinet. This is a pretty big development and the monster vault is poised to fill this gap in the market with style. Additionally, and a very important point to make, is that the monster vault can be easily placed into most SUVs or trucks with relative ease. Again, there is a lack of serious security options when it comes to vehicles so it’s great to see another innovation available. All in all the monster vault presents a breath of fresh air in a world where the basic design for safes hasn’t changed in 100 years. 

​Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my MonsterVault! My wife and I are so happy that we can have a safe big enough to hold all our weapons and valuable that isn't an eyesore and is tucked away nicely under a bed. 


I am very pleased with my new M/V under bed safe. This product has exceeded my expectations for quality and craftsmanship & I would highly recommend this product. I have saved valuable space in my home by replacing my standard stand up safe (eye sore), currently this new M/V safe I purchased is full, if my collection grows to the point where I need another safe I will purchase another M/V and place on the other side of my queen bed.


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